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March For England Embraces Brighton

  Every year on the first Sunday after St George´s Day (23 April), the March for England takes place in Brighton. Some people mark it in the calendar as a … Continue reading

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‘Promesas de Tierra’, música que no entiende de conflictos

El sonido del qanun que toca el palestino Ali Amr se mezcla con la melodía de la flauta dulce de la israelí Tali Rubinstein y el violín del jordano Layth … Continue reading

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“It is easier to be a journalist in Syria than in Egypt”

The number of reports of arrests, harassment, detention and prosecution of national and international journalists in Egypt, as well as, violent attacks, has increased considerably in recent months. Therefore some … Continue reading

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Egyptian regime accused of crimes against humanity at The Hague

More than 3,000 km away from Tahrir Square, a testimony  from a witness of a protest in Cairo was being read out. “I saw the bulldozer run over 20 or … Continue reading

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Brighton: the heart of independent and alternative shopping in the UK

‘Bizarre’, ‘quirky’ and ‘unique’ are the most common words heard in Upper Gardner Street when sellers describe what they have on display in the flea market in Brighton. Passers-by can … Continue reading

September 17, 2013 · 2 Comments

‘Another night on Earth’ – a film about Egypt through conversations in taxis

One of the things that characterises Cairo is its chaotic traffic and the constant noise of taxis’ horns as they try to snake through the streets. The taxis and Cairo … Continue reading

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Sexual harassment: a constant in Egyptian women’s life

“Their hands were all over my body and up and under my destroyed clothes. Again, my pants and underwear were pulled down violently and several men, at the same time, … Continue reading

August 14, 2013 · 2 Comments

Protests in Turkey show Erdogan’s Control over Mainstream Media

While one of the biggest protests was taking place in Istanbul in decades, the mainstream media turned a blind eye to reporting what was happening in the streets. The major … Continue reading

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How to Report on Refugees and Migration?

2012 has registered the highest number of refugees and internally displaced people than at any time since 1994, according to the latest data published today by the UN Refugee Agency … Continue reading

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Media in Iraq Accused of Contributing to Sunni- Shia Division

The media in Iraq has been accused of exacerbating the sectarian tensions that already exist between Sunnis and Shia groups. Both factions own and operate many of the newspapers and … Continue reading

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