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Protests in Turkey show Erdogan’s Control over Mainstream Media

While one of the biggest protests was taking place in Istanbul in decades, the mainstream media turned a blind eye to reporting what was happening in the streets. The major … Continue reading

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How to Report on Refugees and Migration?

2012 has registered the highest number of refugees and internally displaced people than at any time since 1994, according to the latest data published today by the UN Refugee Agency … Continue reading

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Media in Iraq Accused of Contributing to Sunni- Shia Division

The media in Iraq has been accused of exacerbating the sectarian tensions that already exist between Sunnis and Shia groups. Both factions own and operate many of the newspapers and … Continue reading

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Emad Burnat: “My next project is to make a second part of 5 Broken Cameras”

  Emad Burnat, co-director of 5 Broken Cameras, has visited more than 40 countries in the last 2 years to promote his  Palestinian documentary. His schedule is filled with screenings … Continue reading

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Reporting on the Kurdish issue seen as supporting terrorism in Turkey

  “The main obstacle for Kurdish journalists or journalists covering the Kurdish issue in Turkey is that they are considered ‘terrorists’ and accused of making propaganda of illegal organisations through … Continue reading

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Graffiti: the art of revolution in Egypt

  This week, Egypt will celebrate the second anniversary of the Egyptian uprising and many walls in the country remain covered in graffiti, reminding passers-by of the historic changes that … Continue reading

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La crisis económica obliga a miles de españoles a hacer las maletas

La delicada situación económica por la que pasa España, con el dato de desempleo que supera el 25% por primera vez en la historia, ha empujado a muchos españoles a … Continue reading

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